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Chemical Substance Management (CSM): Aspect for Hazardous Substances | Original Article

Smita Lomate*, in International Journal of Frontier of Engineering and Management | Engineering & Management


While chemicals are widely used for a variety of purposes and enhance our quality of life, once such chemicals leak into the environment, substantial financial resources and arduous handling procedures are required to recover and detoxify them in order to further promote the voluntary management of chemicals currently carried out by industry. An evaluation was made of the recently developed chemical risk assessment methodologies for new and existing previous term chemicals. The evaluation also included the methodologies and procedures for risk guidance document for the development of strategies for risk reduction. Clear progress has been made in the development and harmonization of chemical risk assessment methodologies and the application of estimation methodologies. This paper is intended to contribute to the effective implementation of risk evaluation and the management of chemical substances by applying simple and highly functional hazardous assessment methods This procedure includes all proposed new and existing chemical substances that will be used in the manufacture of products, aid in the maintenance of plant and equipment or finished products stored or handled on site. They may be solids, liquids or gases, being raw materials, finished products, by-products, aids to manufacture, consumable chemicals, cleaning solvents, etc.